Create Your Own Pizza

Create Your Own Pizza, $18.00

Create Your Own Pizza View page

Polla Parmesano

Polla Parmesano, $16.00

Breaded chicken breast, pan-seared topped with marinara sauce and Italian cheese blend. Served over bucatini pasta with more sauce and mozzarella. View page

Lasagna al Carne

Lasagna al Carne, $15.00

Pasta noodles layered in Italian sausage, marinara sauce and herbs with ricotta cheese and our Italian three cheese blend. View page

Fish & Chips

Fish and Chips, $13.00

Ale battered Alaskan Cod served with French fries, cole slaw, lemon and a spicy tartar sauce. View page

Pasta a la Diablo

Pasta a la Diablo, $17.00

Bucatini pasta served in a spicy marinara sauce with prawns, garlic, fresh herbs and parmesan cheese. View page

Seafood Ravioli

Seafood Ravioli, $17.00

Seafood ravioli paired with spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes, finished in a pesto cream sauce and balsamic reduction. View page

  • Mia Burger, $9.00

    Grilled 1/3 lb. burger with choice of cheese served on a Kaiser bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayonnaise. read more
  • Vegetarian Panini, $10.00

    Grilled vegetables served on grilled foccacia bread with pesto aioli, spinach and smoked provolone. read more
  • Butternut Squash Ravioli, $14.00

    Flavorful ravioli sautéed with spinach, pine nuts and finished with goat cheese and a Balsamic butter sauce. read more